Ikea Rast Hack

So I finally got around to starting my Ikea Rast Hack. I love doing stuff like this and really should make more time to do it!

I generally try to buy secondhand furniture as it lasts way longer and is generally of better quality than anything I could afford new. Could I find anything to fit in this nook I have in the hallway? Hell no!

So long story short, the Rast fits in the nook perfectly. Although its a fairly solid piece of furniture it’s pretty ugly huh?


So then the search for an Ikea Hack…. The one that I love the most is this one from The Turquoise Home


Amazing huh?!

So here goes….

Firstly purchased the Rast and some thin strips of pine to overlay on the drawers. Measured (7.5″ and 21″incase I need to remember!) cut and the PVAed (not a real word, but hey this is my world!) them to the drawer fronts. I don’t need to put the strips on the sides of the unit for this project as it fits so snug you won’t see them. After the PVA had stuck them down I went over all the little gaps with some wood filler.




‘Doing a Kirsty’

So today I decided to ‘Do a Kirsty’ (Allsop). I have been just a teeny bit obsessed with her in recent years. Love her shows, and the one on at the moment is great!


I can relish the thought that I am finally ‘cool’ even if just for a short while!
Our home is full of things I have customised, painted and altered to fit our taste.

I have had one waiting for me to start for a while. Here is the before….


Pretty minging huh?!

In my younger years I worked for nearly ten years in an old steam fair. Some truly amazing times working on a truly amazing and beautiful place. During the winter all the restoration used to happen. I was taught to paint by a very talented craftsman, who is a skilled coach painter and sign writer. Even though I only learnt the basics they have proved invaluable!

The cabinet is wood and veneer. once i removed the handles. The first job was to rub it all down to provide a key for the paint to stick to, it won’t stick to a smooth surface. It may appear to, but as soon as you scrape it, it will flake off.
I had every intention of doing this by hand, but it proved a tad fiddly, so out came the baby power sander!



I then got a dry paint brush and cloth and wiped/brushed it all down to get rid of all the dust.

Next job was to paint it in undercoat.


When painting furniture (or anything!) with a brush it is best to get the paint worked in the wrong way into the grain
and then work with the grain of the wood. This means the paint covers properly:

The wrong way/against the grain:


Then with the grain:


When you finish with the grain you end up with a much smoother end result. The light reflects of it better.

So this is the unit in undercoat….




I already think it looks pretty good! Now to decide on the top coat…

So, I decided on Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin, and the back and back parts of the drawers black. Got some lovely black porcelain knobs from the a shop in town. I went for the Estate Eggshell as I am a bit paranoid the more chalky paints out there wouldn’t cope with my living environment!


I decided to change to knobs rather than handles a bit late in the day. The filler should really have been done before the undercoat- so learn from my mistakes!

It is easy to fill the old holes, simply mix a bit of PVA with some sawdust (I found some in my other half s shed 🙂 ) so it looks a bit like this.


Push it into the holes and wait to dry. You may need to do another ‘coat’ then sand it down before painting…


Waiting for it to dry….


I have done 2 coats on the main part of the unit so far….

The back….


The front….


Still waiting for the drawer, sigh….