Puppy Pops

So whilst wasting my life on Pinterest as I do far too often, I discovered this fab post about how to help keep your pups cool AND entertained in the summer heat.

Here was the original post.


Now I am not sure if I did the whole link thing correctly… I hope so!!

I had to adapt it their idea as I apparently have a stupid sized freezer that I can’t stand ‘pops’ up in!

I found a Tupperware container that would fit. I decided to just use water as the base ingredient of the popsicle instead of the gravy they used in their tutorial. The pups were going to be indoors for the consumption of this and I didn’t know how gross the gravy option would be on my floors (for me not them!).
So I filled up the container with water and then placed in 4 small dog treats and 2 dog chew strip treat things. I made sure the strip things poked out a bit so it would grab their interest. Then just bunged it in the freezer et voila:


Anyhoo, they absolutely loved it! And there was magically no mess when I got home – hoorah!

Happy heat wave!