Sparrowhawk attacking chickens?

Ok so this is a quick plea for help hopefully. On more than one occasion I have witnessed my chickens being ‘swooped down’ on by a sparrowhawk. One time I saw my cockerel jump up and try to attack the sparrowhawk protecting his girls.

Is it possible the sparrowhawk can take a chook? It seems a big meal for a relatively small bird of prey.




Sunbathing Chickens

I mean, when we first got the chooks I had to go out and check on them when I first saw them sunbathing! Aren’t they the funniest thing? Whilst I was in the kitchen today they came and found a little sun trap nook out of the wind. Who doesn’t need this in their lives?




My deadly cockerel even decided to let his guard down for a moment and make the most of the autumnal rays!

Breaking a Broody!

Oh my! It never ceases to amaze me how stubborn a broody hen is!

After the worse winter ever you would think they would be out and about making the most of the good weather. But no!

BB (Chocolate Orpington Bantam) and Mabel (Lavender Pekin) have been broody for about 2 months!

Have tried everything, taken the eggs many times a day so they aren’t actually sitting on anything. Taken all the nest material out of the boxes. Taken them out of the boxes and put them right up the other end of the garden. I am now locking them out of the house. But they are so stubborn- look how I found them!


They are ‘nesting’ in the doorway to the covered run under the house!


Looks like it’ll be ice packs on their bums next!