Ikea Rast Hack Results!

So what a manic month January turned out to be! I didn’t get chance to finish my Rast hack….

So the first part and inspiration is here

So after the filler had dried, gave it a quick rub down, I then attached a new surface and piece of trim for the front to hide the gap. I didn’t take a picture of this but you will see it in the after picture. The new surface is held on with PVA and a made it a bit of a weird shape so the finished hack fits around a phone socket we have on the wall.

Before I painted the main part of the unit I stained the sides of the drawers and handles with a dark wood stain.

Then straight in to paint… I didn’t use a primer/undercoat. Again, my world I can prime if I want to…. I wanted to use up some paint I had spare from another project so I used that as a base coat…

So this is the results after the first coat…




And here is the result in situ!


I love it, and it fits perfectly in the nook!

What do you think?!



Ikea Rast Hack

So I finally got around to starting my Ikea Rast Hack. I love doing stuff like this and really should make more time to do it!

I generally try to buy secondhand furniture as it lasts way longer and is generally of better quality than anything I could afford new. Could I find anything to fit in this nook I have in the hallway? Hell no!

So long story short, the Rast fits in the nook perfectly. Although its a fairly solid piece of furniture it’s pretty ugly huh?


So then the search for an Ikea Hack…. The one that I love the most is this one from The Turquoise Home


Amazing huh?!

So here goes….

Firstly purchased the Rast and some thin strips of pine to overlay on the drawers. Measured (7.5″ and 21″incase I need to remember!) cut and the PVAed (not a real word, but hey this is my world!) them to the drawer fronts. I don’t need to put the strips on the sides of the unit for this project as it fits so snug you won’t see them. After the PVA had stuck them down I went over all the little gaps with some wood filler.



Nearly Free Groceries!

I am amazed, possibly a bit concerned but for today defiantly happy about it!
Been saving up our supermarket loyalty all year with the intent of using them for our Xmas shop. For some reason we never got round to using them, defiantly today’s blessing. This weeks shop was discounted by about 3/4, it certainly helped the purse this week.

I will question my closet devotion to supermarkets another day. Today I am enjoying it!

S x

Being a Little Less Controlling

I hate to admit it but I am soooo stubborn and a control freak. When I get back from work I am a lot more laid back but there are something’s I just can’t let go of. Cleaning. Now I am by no means off of OCD cleaners BUT if I spend my ‘spare’ time cleaning then you make a mess I will kill you. Just pre warning you ok?! Another thing is the TV clicker. I control the Tv in our house, I can’t help it. Last night however I let go and let my very patient other half do the clicking. We watched Ice Age 3 and the Mission Impossible 3. Seen the first one already, and convinced myself I wouldn’t enjoy the second choice. But I did enjoy the whole darn lot. Bless him he was happy too, so I guess that that was day 3 of my blessing journal. X

Back to Work

Back to the grindstone. Although I wasn’t feeling as energised as I’d hoped the team at work were their usual amazing selves. Working in the voluntary sector I am constantly amazed by the generosity of people with their time.

Today I am thankful for their generosity, initiative, hard work and the great laughs we have daily.

I am also thankful for funny memories. Did you know that last year the fire brigade got called out to 1132 cases of people getting stuck/injured in public toilets? A girlfriend of mine got trapped in the loo in a bar near my work one time, and after a few glasses of vino it felt perfectly normal for me to suggest popping to work to get a screwdriver to get her out…. We laughed a lot that night! X

The Start of Joy Journal

So I am sure I’m not alone. Probably millions of us all evaluating our lives. Thinking about what we want more of in it and what we want less of.

I have seen a lot of articles about a daily journal. Suggestions for content go from a blow by blow account of the day to just a daily blessing, gratitude or mantra. I’m not really one for words so I think I’ll start off with a short one.

So my daily gratitude for January 1st 2014:

Friends- amazing how a cup of tea and a chat can really sort you out. Just what I needed new years day….

Simple Crochet Star Tutorial

So I have become a little bit obsessed with crochet star garlands. There are loads on Pinterest, I really want one to hang in my kitchen window with some fairy lights at Christmas!

Firstly I tried this tutorial on Pinterest

I really love these stars, but I think they are a bit advanced for me as I am a beginner? I just really couldn’t get mine to look anything like the picture. Very sad times.

I then found this cute smaller one.

So here is my slightly tweaked version, I made the pointy bits longer as I wanted more point on my stars!

I used a 3mm hook and Rico Design essentials cotton DK in white.

This tutorial uses UK crochet terms.

Chain 5, then join with a slip stitch to form a circle.

Then chain 3, double crochet 14 into the middle of the circle


That is the centre of the star. Now we do the points.

*Chain 9 stitches.


As you are looking at your star this chain will become the right hand side of the point.

Now count down 4 stitches from the top of this chain, put the hook through that 4th stitch and do a single crochet stitch.


On the 5th chain do a half double crochet stitch.

6th chain, stitch a double crochet.

7th chain, stitch a double crochet.

8th chain, stitch a treble crochet..

That’s the point! Now to attach.

Put hook through the 3rd double crochet stitch (don’t include the one you are attached to), then do a slip stitch.


First point of the star done! Now repeat the above from the *



Once I got into it I found it really quite quick and easy. I hope you can cope with the slightly unconventional unabbreviated tutorial, but I am a bit rubbish with the proper ones and I will, of course have to refer back next year when I want to do more!

I am really pleased with the end result, I hope you like it. Now to make loads more for my garland!