Ikea Rast Hack Results!

So what a manic month January turned out to be! I didn’t get chance to finish my Rast hack….

So the first part and inspiration is here

So after the filler had dried, gave it a quick rub down, I then attached a new surface and piece of trim for the front to hide the gap. I didn’t take a picture of this but you will see it in the after picture. The new surface is held on with PVA and a made it a bit of a weird shape so the finished hack fits around a phone socket we have on the wall.

Before I painted the main part of the unit I stained the sides of the drawers and handles with a dark wood stain.

Then straight in to paint… I didn’t use a primer/undercoat. Again, my world I can prime if I want to…. I wanted to use up some paint I had spare from another project so I used that as a base coat…

So this is the results after the first coat…




And here is the result in situ!


I love it, and it fits perfectly in the nook!

What do you think?!