Being a Little Less Controlling

I hate to admit it but I am soooo stubborn and a control freak. When I get back from work I am a lot more laid back but there are something’s I just can’t let go of. Cleaning. Now I am by no means off of OCD cleaners BUT if I spend my ‘spare’ time cleaning then you make a mess I will kill you. Just pre warning you ok?! Another thing is the TV clicker. I control the Tv in our house, I can’t help it. Last night however I let go and let my very patient other half do the clicking. We watched Ice Age 3 and the Mission Impossible 3. Seen the first one already, and convinced myself I wouldn’t enjoy the second choice. But I did enjoy the whole darn lot. Bless him he was happy too, so I guess that that was day 3 of my blessing journal. X


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