Nearly Free Groceries!

I am amazed, possibly a bit concerned but for today defiantly happy about it!
Been saving up our supermarket loyalty all year with the intent of using them for our Xmas shop. For some reason we never got round to using them, defiantly today’s blessing. This weeks shop was discounted by about 3/4, it certainly helped the purse this week.

I will question my closet devotion to supermarkets another day. Today I am enjoying it!

S x


Being a Little Less Controlling

I hate to admit it but I am soooo stubborn and a control freak. When I get back from work I am a lot more laid back but there are something’s I just can’t let go of. Cleaning. Now I am by no means off of OCD cleaners BUT if I spend my ‘spare’ time cleaning then you make a mess I will kill you. Just pre warning you ok?! Another thing is the TV clicker. I control the Tv in our house, I can’t help it. Last night however I let go and let my very patient other half do the clicking. We watched Ice Age 3 and the Mission Impossible 3. Seen the first one already, and convinced myself I wouldn’t enjoy the second choice. But I did enjoy the whole darn lot. Bless him he was happy too, so I guess that that was day 3 of my blessing journal. X