Back to Work

Back to the grindstone. Although I wasn’t feeling as energised as I’d hoped the team at work were their usual amazing selves. Working in the voluntary sector I am constantly amazed by the generosity of people with their time.

Today I am thankful for their generosity, initiative, hard work and the great laughs we have daily.

I am also thankful for funny memories. Did you know that last year the fire brigade got called out to 1132 cases of people getting stuck/injured in public toilets? A girlfriend of mine got trapped in the loo in a bar near my work one time, and after a few glasses of vino it felt perfectly normal for me to suggest popping to work to get a screwdriver to get her out…. We laughed a lot that night! X


The Start of Joy Journal

So I am sure I’m not alone. Probably millions of us all evaluating our lives. Thinking about what we want more of in it and what we want less of.

I have seen a lot of articles about a daily journal. Suggestions for content go from a blow by blow account of the day to just a daily blessing, gratitude or mantra. I’m not really one for words so I think I’ll start off with a short one.

So my daily gratitude for January 1st 2014:

Friends- amazing how a cup of tea and a chat can really sort you out. Just what I needed new years day….