Simple Crochet Star Tutorial

So I have become a little bit obsessed with crochet star garlands. There are loads on Pinterest, I really want one to hang in my kitchen window with some fairy lights at Christmas!

Firstly I tried this tutorial on Pinterest

I really love these stars, but I think they are a bit advanced for me as I am a beginner? I just really couldn’t get mine to look anything like the picture. Very sad times.

I then found this cute smaller one.

So here is my slightly tweaked version, I made the pointy bits longer as I wanted more point on my stars!

I used a 3mm hook and Rico Design essentials cotton DK in white.

This tutorial uses UK crochet terms.

Chain 5, then join with a slip stitch to form a circle.

Then chain 3, double crochet 14 into the middle of the circle


That is the centre of the star. Now we do the points.

*Chain 9 stitches.


As you are looking at your star this chain will become the right hand side of the point.

Now count down 4 stitches from the top of this chain, put the hook through that 4th stitch and do a single crochet stitch.


On the 5th chain do a half double crochet stitch.

6th chain, stitch a double crochet.

7th chain, stitch a double crochet.

8th chain, stitch a treble crochet..

That’s the point! Now to attach.

Put hook through the 3rd double crochet stitch (don’t include the one you are attached to), then do a slip stitch.


First point of the star done! Now repeat the above from the *



Once I got into it I found it really quite quick and easy. I hope you can cope with the slightly unconventional unabbreviated tutorial, but I am a bit rubbish with the proper ones and I will, of course have to refer back next year when I want to do more!

I am really pleased with the end result, I hope you like it. Now to make loads more for my garland!